Assignment #8


1. DNA is constructed as a very large molecule made of a linked series of repeating units called nucleotides. a. True b. Fales 

2. Mitochondrial DNA is located outside the cell’s nucleus and is inherited from the father. a. True b. False 

3. CODIS is a computer software program developed by the FBI that maintains local, state, and national databases of DNA profiles. It also contains the DNA of missing persons. a. True b. False 

4. Packaging of bloodstained evidence in plastic or airtight containers is acceptable for long-term storage. a. True b. False 

5. The least intrusive method for obtaining a DNA standard/reference is the buccal swab. In this procedure, cotton swabs are inserted into the subject’s mouth and the inside of the cheek is vigorously swabbed, resulting in the transfer of cells from the inner cheek lining onto the swab. a. True b. False

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