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In order to learn more about approaches to managing public organizations, I’d like you to examine some of the current academic literature.

This week, you will create a synthesis matrix similar to one you might use for a literature review to help you examine the literature and the approaches to managing public organizations.

Using the public administration topic of your choice (with a management focus however), find at least four peer-reviewed sources from the APUS library (not texts or books) you might use for a paper. As you review each one, find the main ideas that you might use in a literature review.  You should be able to find a minimum of three or four topics or ideas that you might use in a literature review.

Create a matrix (please see the attached sample). Put the last names of the authors of the sources in the top row.  List your main ideas in the left column.

Write some brief notes about what each author says about the various ideas. Authors won’t usually include every idea, but more than one author often covers some of the same ideas. While it is acceptable to use a few quotations with quotation marks, your notes should be mostly your own words. These do not need to be complete sentences as long as the reader can understand what you mean. The idea is to help you explore various concepts related to managing public organizations and how different authors use them.

When you are done, be sure to include a reference list in APA format.

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