Assignment 4: Network Security Case Study




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You will need to buy the following Harvard Business Case iPremier (A): Denial of Service Attack (Graphic Novel Version) to complete this homework assignment.

Case link: 

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This case describes an IT security crisis, and raises issues of risk management, preparation for crisis, management of crises, computer security, and public disclosure of security risks. Please read the case and write an essay to share your opinion about the following questions. The essay should be no less than 2 pages long and no more than 4 pages. Use 1.15 line spacing, and 6 or 10 pt between paragraphs.

Notice: the plagiarism check will be turned on. Remember to share your own opinions. 

Questions (15 points)

1. (5 points) How well did the iPremier Company perform during the 75-minute attack? From your perspective, what are the reasons of the company’s performance? 

2. (5 points) In what ways were the company’s operating procedures deficient in responding to this attack? In what ways were they adequate? What additional procedures might have been in place to better handle the attack?

(5 points) In the aftermath of the attack, what are your recommendations to the company? 

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