Final Essay Instructions & Questions

Please Read the following instructions Carefully!

Please choose ONE question from the following options. Answer the question in essay form, in a maximum of 2 pages (single-spaced) (700-1000 words). The final exam aims to encourage you to reflect upon and analytically synthesize many cases of popular culture we learned in class and to come up with your own original thoughts. The exam is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate to me that you have done the readings and attended the lectures for the class.

· Please upload your essay to Moodle by midnight (11:59), May 1. 

· For a short paper like this, please think well and revise/edit your paper before you submit.

· DO NOT copy and paste your answers. When referencing someone else’s works (e.g., class reading or lecture), please use citations to the source and page numbers. 

· Upload them in .DOC/.DOCX format on Blackboard. 

· Please save your midterm as: Final (Choi, Man, Lisa)

· Please cite your sources in-text (not footnote) and have a separate sheet to list your references.

· Please use at least 3 readings from our class (lecture and/or presentation readings). Lecture Notes do NOT count as readings. Outside readings may be used as additional references, but they are not counted among the 3 class readings required.

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