Assignment 2


For this assignment, you will write a self-improvement plan in FIRST PERSON, to include your personal mission and vision statements, your professional values, areas of success and areas that you would like to develop.  A personal vision and mission statement should be general enough that it encompasses all aspects, but specific enough that real-world actions can be taken from it.  A personal vision and mission statement is much like a code of ethics and conduct, infused with personal goals that govern values, attitude, beliefs, and actions.  Keep in mind that this document will continuously transform as you further your degree and career.

Regarding your professional values, by considering your chosen Ed.D. concentration (e.g., Higher Education Leadership, Reading), how will the rapid advancements made in communication and technology impact leadership in your professional field?

In the areas of excellence, define your current strengths in the areas of leadership, communication, and technology (2-3 in strengths each category).  Highlight your strengths as Areas of Excellence and provide a detailed example of how you have utilized these strengths in a professional setting.  Please review, select, complete and analyze at least four surveys in these three areas to assist you in your writings.  However, as a researcher, you can also research other surveys as well.  Communicate with your individual professor.  In the areas in which you would like to improve, define your perceived limitations in the areas of leadership, communication, and technology (2-3 areas of development in each category).  Explain why you consider each a limitation and why you think it will be valuable to improve these areas.

You are to prepare a doctoral level paper, at least seven full pages of content, plus a title page, and a references page.  Since this assignment is written from your perspective, you will write in first person; there are at least 12 scholarly references (last 5 years) required to support your responses. 

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