This assignment is for Abdulaziz Turkan to be completed in lieu of weekly participation as a team member of the Business Strategy Game (BSG) for 4 of the 6 weeks of BUA587. The BSG activity: 2 weekly submissions, weekly financial & operational analysis, decision process and final presentation accounts for 45% of the BUA 587 MB46 class grade.

The below assignment is due at 11:59 October 13, 2020 and should be delivered as a document via Canvas. The assignment cover industry analysis, a company analysis, and your recommendation to this company.


I.Consider one of the following industries:

1)Retail athletic footwear
2)Online content delivery (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, ...)
3)Heavy construction equipment manufacturing (Caterpillar, Komatsu, ...)

Pick 1 of the 3 industries and describe it in detail including the associated industry dynamics (competition, pricing, growth/demand) from a global perspective. Make sure to include the temporal characteristics of each industry, meaning how has each evolved over time to their current state, making sure to include global market dynamics.

  1. For the chosen industry analyze 1 specific company and describe their business strategy and how it reflects/responds to the market dynamics previously described in Point I above. Make sure to cover how their operations both support and work within their described strategy, including supply chain, product development, sales & marketing, administration, and customer support.
  2. For the company analyzed, what is your recommendation for forward-looking strategy, i.e. – would you change anything in their current strategy based upon current and anticipated market conditions?

Please make sure you cite sources used, use financial and operational data to support your conclusions, and consider models such as Porter’s 5 forces and SWOT analysis for each company chosen.

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