- Incident Response Actions & Assignment 2 

This week we'll be learning about Incident Response Actions.  These are important, as being able to detect a problem is only part of the solution.  Knowing what to do afterward is critical.

This week we also have Assignment 2 due.  Make sure to adhere to the APA format, and cover the content thoroughly.  It is critical, as there are only 2 more graded assignments this semester.

Learning Objectives and Activities

For this module you will accomplish the following learning objectives:

Understand what actions to take when an incident occurs.

In order to successfully complete this module, you will complete the following activities:

Submit assignment 2. 

Learning Materials

Module Page

Required Media

Incident Response Planning:

You’ve Been Breached – How to Create an Effective Incident Response Plan - Part 3 -

(Optional) - Berkeley's incident response planning guide example:

Assignment 2 - Paper

Pick a security model that we did not cover in-depth in class (NOT the Biba, Bell-LaPuda or Clark-Wilson model). Analyze the model, detailing the strengths and weaknesses it has and give examples of when you would and would not want to use it in a real-world environment. Make sure to thoroughly explore the potential weaknesses and strengths. Write a research paper not to exceed 2000 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page and works cited section. All references must be from authentic, established and reliable sources (sites like Wikipedia will not be accepted). This assignment must contain a minimum of 5 resources. Each assignment must adhere to the standards set forth in the APA guidelines. Submitted documents must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx) and have the required filename convention from the assignment description.

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      Week 11 - Incident Response Actions & Assignment 2

      This week we'll be learning about Incident Response Actions. These are important, as being able to detect a …