Study of Studies Paper

Choose a specific issue on a topic (i.e.teen pregnancy prevention, specific methods of birth control, abortion and ultrasound, sexuality and communication, menopause, sexual dysfunction, ovulation, a specific childbirth strategy,  etc.). You can use infotrac as a resource for finding your articles or you can use the library search engines.  Another resource is   Find five (5) articles that relate to your chosen topic and contrast the findings of the articles.  Your paper should include the major findings, discrepancies of the articles as well as the bibliography of the five articles chosen.  It is suggested that your paper be at least two pages in the findings and major discrepancies.

You may also use interviews with professionals to replace one or more of the articles.  An example would be to interview the meth coordinator or a medical professional, you could do the drug assessment and interview 5 completely different types of people(ie, young, married, middle age, elderly).

      Guidelines for Papers & Assignments

Remember to write to your audience: Anyone with a college level education, with no particular expertise in the subject matter, should be able to understand your paper.

Papers and assignments should have complete, well written sentences, correct punctuation, a clear pattern of organization, and minimal grammatical or spelling errors. When using outside sources, make sure to put into your own words!

Should be typed, double spaced, with normal margins on 8 1/2 x 11" paper.

Use normal font (Arial, Times New Roman, etc.), size (10 or 12 point), and style (not bold or italic). Indent or skip a space between paragraphs. When you need outside sources, use a variety--don’t rely on the internet alone. When using outside sources, you must document them using an appropriate system (MLA, APA, etc.). Beware of plagiarism--do not merely cut and paste from websites and other sources.

For longer papers, include a title page with the title, your name, date, and course information; shorter papers should have the title at the top and your name, date, and course information (including assignment number and/or title) in the top right corner. Number all pages. Should be stapled in upper-left corner. If done on computer (highly encouraged) use the spell-checker. PROOFREAD! Print quality should be acceptable; separate the pages! No report covers!

If you have any questions about style or mechanics, consult a reference such as The MLA Handbook, The Little, Brown Handbook or The Random House Handbook.

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