Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expand your level of awareness of attitudes toward human diversity including race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, physical or mental limitations. This assignment also gives the opportunity for you to explicate the concepts of stigma, stereotypes, prejudice and racism, minority, classism, homophobia etc. that are covered in this class. 

Format: You will write a reflective journal entry to a class topic. Only one journal entry per source or culture. You should pay close attention to the process you are going through, i.e., your thoughts, feelings, reactions, wishes/recommendations, etc. This should not be a simple recounting of activities or summaries of information read. This journal entry must be 1000 to 1500 words in length as measured by Microsoft Word's word counter. Review the grading rubric before beginning the work.   

* Attachment has a previous student' work on this assignment. This student agreed to share the work as an example of this assignment. You may review it and get an idea of how to complete this assignment. Note that the example may not have correct APA format completely. Please make sure you follow the APA style! 

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