Assignment- 11


1. Reflect on and explain executive sponsorship and how the Information Governance (IG) plan must support the accomplishments of the organization’s professional objectives. 

2. In order to interpret the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) diagram. It is recommended that we start  from the outside of the diagram. 

Briefly name three (3) components required to successfully conceive a complex set of inter-operable processes and implementable procedures and structural elements.

Text book: Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies and Best Practices; 1st Edition; Robert F. Smallwood; Copyright © 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey (ISBN 978-1-118-21830-3) 


1. Each Answer contains 500 Words

2. Each paragraph contain 4 complete sentences with different citations***(Minimum two text citations).***

3. No plagiarism.

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