Assignment 1. Understanding Global Mindset



Read the following articles and optional chapters and answer the following questions:

· Behind the Global Curve(HR People & Strategy, 5 page article, Dr. Mandi coauthored while on the faculty at Thunderbird; it repeats the overview material about the GMI, so you can skip over those parts)

· The global company’s challenge(McKinsey Quarterly, 5 pages)

· Leading in the 21st century(McKinsey Quarterly, 17 pages; 6 global leaders share their thoughts on challenges of global uncertainty; skim the article and read the parts you find interesting)

· Optional: GM Book Introduction

· Optional: GM Book GLOBAL Mindset

1. In the back of your GMI reports there is space for reflection. Complete the questions on your own individually.   

Your Personal Observations

1. What is your assessment of the need for you to possess a global mindset? Now? Five years from now? 

2. What are the consequences of your doing nothing to further develop your global mindset? 

3. What are your areas of relative strength? 

4. What are your areas of developmental opportunities? 

5. What are your priorities over the next 6 to 12 months for further strengthening and leveraging your areas of strength? 

Then, summarize your answers into 2 paragraphs.

2. How does this material help you, personally, enhance your global mindset capabilities and be a more effective leader and manager? Be specific by referring to the articles.

Post answers to all the questions proposed in the assignment by 2/13 5:30pm  

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