Assignment 2: Standardize a Recipe (Download instructions)

Course Outcomes addressed in this activity:

NS313-3: Examine factors required for success in foodservice and food production.

GEL-2.01: Relate mathematics to the discipline of foodservice management.

Find a recipe for a soup, salad, entree or baked product that uses at least seven ingredients. Standardize the recipe using the following criteria:

  • Recipe title
  • Yield and portion size
  • Ingredients
  • Weight/Volume of each ingredient
  • Preparation instructions (procedures)
  • Cooking temperature and time
  • Equipment and utensils to be used

After standardizing the original recipe, using the factor method explained in chapter 8 of your textbook, adjust your recipe to have a yield of 125. Be sure to include the conversion factor and steps you used.

Though most ingredients are measured by weight in many commercial foodservice establishments, you do not have to convert all your amounts to a weight. But you must use a unit of measurement that is appropriate to a large yield.

Show the results in a new formulation. As part of your assignment, please include the information from the original recipe, the standardized recipe, and the standardized recipe with adjusted yield.

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