Project Outline


By now, you should have selected a topic where you are going to propose some innovative solution. You need to develop an outline of your proposal. Objectives of this step are:

a. Develop your idea that needs be innovative, logical and justified.

b. Identify how you want to do the project, what you are expecting to accomplish and why your idea is unique.


Write a report of 4 pages and single-spaced that will present a synopsis of your intended project. Format the writing nicely for smooth reading. You can divide the writing in sections with headings.

The report should consist the following information/sections.

Title (give a nice title of your project; however, you can change/modify it during the final submission)
Topic/problem/challenge (focus of your project work)
Methodology (solution/technique/algorithm/system that you are proposing)
Expected Outcome (what you expect your proposal to achieve/offer)
Significance (why you think your proposal would be significant and attractive)

4 single-spaced => 8 pages

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