Assessment Plan


  Assignment Due Tonight 11:59 Central Time (With References)

Using Assessments to Inform Instruction:

· Analyze how the assessments you are using meet ethical standards

· Examine how you use these assessments to make decisions; include specific examples

· Discuss how you will use assessments to help ensure students are meeting their goals on their IEPs and/or IFSPs.

Assessment Partnerships with Families:

· Explain how your school will develop an assessment partnership with families. Include specific strategies for involving families and communities in their children’s learning and development. (Refer back to your Week Six discussion to assist with this.)

· Discuss, using specific examples, how you will use parent conferences to communicate about assessments. (Refer back to your Week Three assignment to assist with this.)

· Explain how diverse families and community characteristics will be taken into consideration when communicating about assessments.

· Share at least two professional organizations or assessment based resources you can provide families with to help them better understand the use of assessments.

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