Assessment. 2 2000 words max


 Critical analysis of a popular music artist, their work and its socio-cultural meaning.

 Research assignment  

  Task Description: 

Building on earlier readings, and drawing from Modules 6-11, you are required to research, critically analyse and discuss the socio-cultural significance of a chosen popular music artist from the 1950s to early 21st century (i.e. now). Your written assignment will demonstrate your understanding of the course ideas by applying them to the chosen artist. This should work in two ways: you will use the course ideas to develop a critical understanding of your chosen artist, and you will use the story of your chosen artist to illustrate and explore the course ideas.

Learning Outcomes: 

2.  Explore and analyse modes of mass production, mediatisation and global culture in enabling interactions with popular music.

3.  Critically apply knowledge of popular music to the evaluation of its socio-cultural meaning as this has evolved since the 1950s.

Length: 2000 words max. Weighting: 60%  

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