Asg 3: Object Oriented Software Patterns



Question 1 - Software Patterns (20 marks)

Part 1 - Pattern Selection (5 marks)

For the small case study provided, decide on an appropriate pattern or combination of patterns to support the requirements of that case study, and explain those decisions.

Part 2 - Design (5 marks)

Create a design to implement that solution and document your solution with a design class diagram. Show how your solution will work to support the cirical use case in the case study with a sequence diagram.

Part 3 - Implementation (10 marks)

Implement a small test application to demonstrate your solution.


This assignment assesses student competencies in regard to the following learning outcomes:

  • LO2 - be able to analyse and verify system requirements
  • LO3 - be able to produce and verify analysis and design models for a system;
  • LO4 - be able to evaluate a problem and determine the appropriate architectural style for the solution;
  • LO5 - be able to demonstrate use of a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool to document the models in a system.


All text and all diagrams should be concatenated and presented in a single MS Word compatible word processed document.

Diagrams should be exported as a high resolution PNG image file before incorporation into the word processed document.

Source code should be packaged into a ZIP file that unpacks into the appropriate package structure.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all diagrams in their submission are readable.

It is also the students responsibility to ensure that only ZIP files are used for source code. No other compression format is acceptable. 7ZIP, RAR and other file format users please take note.


It is necessary to prepare diagrams using a CASE tool that produces UML compatible diagrams.

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