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This Final Project is due Monday, July 30. You'll bring any text read in class to life in this project. It is divided into two parts: the expression itself, as listed below and a 500-word analysis on the representation you choose, which must be uploaded onto Blackboard.  

You must also add a citation page to give credit for any images or music you have borrowed. 

The list contains suggestions, meaning that, with permission, you can produce a creation of your own imagination that falls outside of this list. 

Think yourself as a curator: what words, what images, what sound bites would best represent the text or the person? 

The word analysis allows the viewer to see the thoughts and reasoning that went into your project. Some questions to think about: 

  1. Whose point of view does this project represent? 
  2. How do the images/words reflect the person or the text? 
  3. Why this choice of media/format for your project? 
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