ARTT 100


ARTT 100
Assignment #7
Final Assignment
10 Drawings
Assignment #7

Due: May 5th at midnight (final assignment)

Materials for this drawing
Optional Mediums and Tools (your choice): Black felt-tip Marker, Reed Pen, colored pencils, ball point pen, watercolors, pastels, charcoals, pencils,…etc. – any type of paper

Drawing Size (for each of your 10 drawings): 4.5” X 6” per drawing

Methods & Outcomes:
1.  Students will do 10 drawings: 30+ minute per sketch using their choice of drawing medium or a mix of mediums on any type of paper.

2.  Students will watch the Prof’s Demo Video
3.  Student will watch National Gallery of Art (NGA) Youtube video lecture: The Artist’s Sketchbook: A Personal View (see link below)
4.  Students will read chapter one: From the Book called: Outside Lies Magic
      (see Link below)

  1. Students will urban hike (or bike) around their neighborhood / backyard while maintaining social distancing and photographing /drawing
  2. Students will take 10 photos as a source of their 10 drawings while urban hiking or biking
  3. Students will add thoughtful / descriptive text to each of their 10 drawings
  4. Students will create a Power Point or Keynote to present their work
  5. Student will upload their Power Point or Keynote presentation to One Drive folder (see link below)
  6. Subject: Outside Magic (maintain social distancing) – explore your backyard or neighborhood while walking or bike riding – (wonder, look, think, draw)

  7. REQUIRED- Reading assignment before you start your project: Outside Lies Magic, Chapter One (20 pages)

    REQUIRED - National Gallery of Art Lecture: The Artist Handbook: A personal View (60 minute lecture)

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