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Students will read one (1) article on human behavior theories, and turn in  

a two-page report on the article. Articles must be from professional scholarly journals that are  

no more than five years old. The report will address the following questions: 1) What is the  

message of the article? 2) How did the author/authors come to know that message? 3) How does  

the article relate to a theory of human behavior (different theory for each article)? 4) How does  

 the article strengthen your social work professional role? (Compare how you would have  

behaved with a client if you had not read this article versus how you would behave now.)  Your report should be typed, double-spaced, and follow APA guidelines regarding format, citations, and references. See Rubric for details of article reviews.  All reports must include appropriate cover page. The cover page is not counted as a part of the two-page article reviews. Include the full reference of your article on the reference page.   

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