Article Review Assignment

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Research Paper Topics (Updated SP 2021)

Please choose ONE topic for your next two assignments (Article Review & Research Paper). You are not permitted to write on the same topic from any of the assignments in BA Leadership courses or write other than what is on this list. 

1)Region/Country: North America (Canada, US, Both)

2)Topics: Please choose a topic from the following list for research. 

Elder Abuse

Selling/Buying Human Organs (Black Markets)

Academic Integrity/Dishonesty 

Refugee Crisis

Income Gap 

Food Insecurity

Child Obesity

Article Review Assignment

Once you have chosen your topic, please click on “Articles for the Article Review Assignment” to access the article you will need to read for the assignment.

Based on the chosen article, write a 1000-word article review according to the class lessons. Use APA (7th edition) formatting including a title page. Include an introduction with a thesis, a summary, three evaluation paragraphs and a conclusion.  

The body paragraphs should follow the general paragraph pattern for writing and include evaluative discussion. Please follow the instructions for thesis and paragraph patterns from the class materials. 

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