Article review



APA 7th Edition Formatting- Title Page and References

Title page, reference page, and in-text citations are completed correctly 

APA 7th Edition Formatting- Font, spacing, headers, margins

12 point Times font, double-spaced, headers formatted correctly

Purpose of article

Description of participants and setting of study

Should include age, functioning level, diagnoses, gender of participants. Where did study take place?

Design of study

What type of single case design was used to evaluate the treatment? (e.g., reversal, MBL)

Target behaviors

List the dependent variables (which are the target behaviors) AND operationally define the behaviors

Overview of Procedures

Explain/summarize the procedures. This should be written so that once I read it, I am able to know what happened in baseline, in treatment A, in treatment B, etc. Should be about a paragraph or so.


MOST IMPORTANT PART! You should explain to me what happened in the graphs shown in the article. Walk me through what happened to the target behavior for the participant’s across baseline, treatment, reversal, follow-up, etc.

NEED TO VISUALLY ANALYZE THE DATA-tell me what happened with level, trend, variability,

Should be about 1-2 paragraphs.


List at least 2 limitations to the study/findings. The authors usually list at least 2 in the article.


Tell me what this study and these findings added to the body of literature on the topic in particular but also to the field. Why does this study matter? What made it special enough to be published?

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