article critique


Please pick a Quantitative research article nursing related within the last 5 years.

You must critique the article with thoughts and opinions.

There is only one reference which is the article you choose.

Please answer the following questions about the article in paragraph format

Critique of Quantitative Research 


Provide title of the article you are critiquing, its author’s name, and the journal where it was published, and the publication date. Write a statement about a focus of the research article. Write the thesis statement.



> How legitimate is the source (eg. empirical study from peer -reviewed journal versus article from popular magazine)? 


> What is the major theme of the research source? 

> What is the study about? 

> The abstract provides a snapshot of the study. From the snapshot, decide how relevant the source is for your purpose, in terms of topic, population, methodology 

Statement of the Problem 

>What is the research problem? 

> What problem existed (in the setting, in terms of lack of research, a need for further research, etc.) that the researcher (s) attempted to address? 


>What was the purpose of the study? Is the purpose clear? 

> Was there a clear need for the study? 

> Will the study add to the body of the literature in the field? 

Literature Review 

> Is the review comprehensive? That is, did the researchers include the most relevant literature regarding each of the study, variables and constructs? 

>Are the sources current (within the last 5 years) and/ or seminal within in the field? 

> Are the majority of sources primary or secondary? 

> Do the authors identify a guiding theoretical/ conceptual framework, and if so, is it clearly explained and linked to the study? 

> Is it well organized and does it include an introduction and a summary?



Research Questions 

> Did the author offer any research questions? 

> If so, what were they? 

> Are they clearly stated? 

> Do they match the purpose of the study? 

>Are all of the research variables identified? 


> Do the researcher offer any hypotheses? 

> If so, what were they? 

> Are they clearly stated? 

> Do they match the purpose of the study? 


> What was the target population for the study? 

> How were the participants selected? 

> Who is included? 

> Who is excluded? 

> How large is the sample? 


> What instruments or tools were used in the study? 

> Who developed the instruments or tools? 

> How valid or reliable are they? 

> Do the instruments or tools directly measure the variables of interest? 

> Does the researcher describe clearly how meaning or scores are derived from the instruments? 

Research Design 

> What was the specific research design used? 

> How were the data collected? 

> What were the steps in the timeline? 

> Are potential limitations identified and addressed? 

Data Analysis 

> Were the data analysis strategies appropriate for the study? 


> Is each research question or hypothesis addressed? 

> Are the findings clearly described? 


> How do this study's results fit into the broader literature? 

> What were the limitations of the study? 

> Are recommendations made for practical application? 

>Are recommendations made for further research?

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