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Prompt: Talk about something (art related) that you find interesting and want to share.

The aim of this paper is to essentially talk about some aspect relating to art (whether it be art, film, music, dance, etc.) that you find interesting. You do not need to use only the types of art I mentioned, but there should be some context to your presentation that is.For example, you might want to talk about the aesthetic experience of culinary expertise, or focus on how we can find art in our everyday experiences, or how skateboarding can be viewed as artistic, or how hip-hop music is a new form of poetry. All such approaches are acceptable.

Important: you should be able to tie your paper in to some of the concepts we’vecovered so far. It’s best if you can articulate at least one relevant crossover from the material we’ve discussed in class. This means that you should be able to connect the ideas in your paper to something philosophically relevant.

Structure: imagine you are writing an entry to your personal journal / diary, or that you are writing an article (like the ones you might find online) for your friend. The structure of your papers will vary, but as long as you are clear and concise you will not be penalized.

Note: a clear, shorter paper is better than a longer, disorganized paper.Length: two pages double-spaced.
Work-Cited: Not required, unless you want to share some outside reference with me.

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