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Select five artists, one from each category, in the page entitled "Contemporary Artists from Around the World", Week 15. 

For each artist selected, discuss the following:

1. What are the formal elements used by each artist? (Remember, "formal" refers to the form the art takes: materials, size, style, etc.)

2. What is the content of each artist's work? (Remember, "content" refers to the ideas, concepts, subject, intent, message, etc.)

3. What are your thoughts and feelings regarding each artist you selected? How does each artist add to your understanding and appreciation of art? Have any of your assumptions about art changed? Why or why not? 


 . El Anatsui (b.1944, Ghana) 

 Julie Mehretu (b.1970, Ethiopia) 


 Hiwa K (b.1975, Iraq) 

 Ai Weiwei (b.1957, China) 


 Olafur Eliasson (b.1967, Denmark) 

 Katharina Grosse (b.1961, Germany) 


 Minerva Cuevas (b.1975, Mexico) 

 Graciela Iturbide (b.1942, Mexico) 

USA and Canada

 Carrie Mae Weems (b.1953, USA) 

  Mary Heilmann (b.1940, USA) 

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