See syllabus and module for details. Please provide proof of visit in the form of a ticket stub or selfie inside the museum. Attach in comments or at the end of the paper.

Your museum report should be between 500-750 words, MLA format, 12 point font. 

Your essay must be based on works of art viewed during this term. Choose an art gallery (not a frame store or places such as the seafood-industry museum or children's museum). 

Should be in essay style with intro paragraph. In the body of the paper, please include name of museum/gallery visited, titles of art, and names of artist(s).

Make sure you take a picture of each piece you discuss to attach to the end of your paper or in the comments (not in the body of the paper).

Pick 2 works and focus on your objective response (using elements of design, etc*) and subjective response (why you like/dislike the pieces; how the colors make you feel, your interpretation, etc). You may compare/contrast the works or discuss them separately.
You may use information on the artist taken from the internet, just be sure to cite references. 

Objective terms use:
Elements and Principles of Design* (Should include at least 5 for each piece discussed)
Line (actual, implied, etc), shape and mass, unity and variety, time and motion, light, balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical), rhythm, texture and pattern, emphasis and focal point, space, proportion, and scale. Color schemes: (complementary, analogous, triadic, monochromatic)

Paper is submitted on Canvas via Turnitin, a plagiarism detector. See originality score after submission. 

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