I am for art by Claus Oldenburg, 

( I am adding a link if its easier to read online) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Visual: Respond with a  drawing, painting, sculpture collage or even a found object.  Think  about the overall concept behind the essay and how you might be able to  condense that idea into an artwork

Essay: As you read this think about the  central message of the essay and how it applies to your own  understanding of art. You are writing an analysis essay with your own  personal opinion so agreeing and disagreeing is very much encourage.

Critique: Be ready to critique the Visual  responses brought by the visual group. We will discuss in class the  critique process as well. But be sure to do the assignment it is  important that you can put some context into the work you are seeing in  class

Discussion: Similar to the essay group, tell us  what you thought, bring into conversation the reasons why you felt the  way you did about the essay, and solicit questions from your peers.

To all of you, research is going to help so much into  understanding what you are reading. Find out who Claus Oldenburg was and  what he did and perhaps that will shed some light into this essay.


Watch these 2 music videos and  respond to at least one, you may also respond to both videos if you find  that they connect.  It is important that you watch all in order to  contribute to class critique, discussion, and questions that may arise. I  have attached the lyrics below as a pdf for your convenience. Think  about analyzing these videos from a formal and iconography approach. How  might the videos relate to the lyrics, what visual cues might hint at  symbolic information? Do colors play a role in the meaning? What could  objects within each video symbolize? 

Essay: Write an analysis focusing on how the visual  elements of the video work with or against the lyrics/music, give  examples. Focus both on a formal and iconographic response.

Visuals: Use any medium (pencil, pen, paint, photograph,  clay, found objects, etc) to create a visual response of one or all  music videos. What central theme do you see in one or all of them? and  can you create a visual response around that theme?

Critique: Be prepared to discuss the visuals with context to the assignment.

Discussion: Discuss your thoughts on how effective or not  effective was the music video at communicating the ideas of the  music/lyrics. What do you find confusing and why?  Bring up into the  discussion about how symbolism plays a role in these videos.

Tus Ojitos Facchita (Links to an external site.)  

Promiscious (Links to an external site.)  

Not Blood Paint (1).pdfPreview the document

Tus Ojitos Facchita (1).pdfPreview the document 

ESSAY 3 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Above you will find the link to the video for your 3rd assignment, Chicago.

Art 21 is a series of video/documentaries on contemporary artist/topics of art.

Visuals: Think about the essence of the  video, the core content, the connections between all the artists  presented, and base your response on that. Consider using mediums  similar to what they are using.

Discussion: Prepare some questions for  us, think about how the video relates to you and or your community. What  are your thoughts on audience participation in art? How do materials  contribute to the work?

Essay: You may focus on one individual artist in the  program but do mention or bring into the conversation the other artist.  How did you relate to the content of the video? How can art and the  community benefit from each other?

Critique: Revisit the formal and iconography approaches. Also, consider how the work your peers present relates to the video


For your 4th assignment, I would like for you to respond to this video on the well known Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.. (Links to an external site.)

Discussion & Essay: What previous  knowledge of this artist did you have? How does abstraction, or this  artist shaped the way you perceive art or the artist? What are your  thoughts on his transition from realism to cubism and abstraction?  Lastly do you find anything problematic about the artist or the art  movement he was a part of?

Visual: Think about the content of the works shown in the documentary, and try creating a work of art based on the ideas presented.

Critique: Practice the vocabulary from  our lectures. We will try something new in class, as well as discussing  formal and iconographic approaches.

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