Art 2

  • Chapter 1.6: Unity, Variety and Balance
  • Chapter 1.7:  Scale and Proportion 
  • Chapter 1.9:  Pattern and Rhythm 
  • Chapter 1.10:  Engaging with Form and Content

Book: Gateway to arts Third Edition  

  • 5 bullets synopsis of the chapter
  • Like writing the synopsis of a movie: pull the most important five things from the reading [as if you were teaching this reading to another person]
  • Each bullet should be one sentence.
  • This is required for both chapters.  
  • Required for each chapter.

Part 2. 

  • One paragraph that explains the most important thing you learned in the reading, and why.
  • 3-5 sentences
  • This is NOT another bullet, it is the most significant thing that had a personal impact on you.
  • Required for each chapter.

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