Argumentative Essay



Due Date: Wednesday of Week 8

Length: 5-6 pages (Works Cited page does not count as one of these pages)

Requirements: Must have a works cited page, must use at least three (3) secondary sources, must use   

                            parenthetical citation.

NOTE ON SOURCES: Only use sources from JSTOR.


Read "Bartleby the Scrivener" there is also a video on youtube.

Write an argumentative essay that answers one of the following questions:

                -Does this story have a "hero"? Who is it? How does this affect the story?

                -Explain the narrators sympathy toward Bartleby. Why is he sympathetic? What does it suggest?

                -Explain the significance of Bartleby's death. What might this suggest?

Your paper will need to have a few basic parts:

1.) Thesis

                -Clearly state what you are asserting about the story.

                -Provide a basic breakdown of the major points that you will make (the "reasons" that your argument is correct)

2.) Examples and explanations

                -Use examples from the story to support your assertions.

3.) Conclusion

                -Restate your thesis, and bring your argument to a close.

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