architecture and design class- Fallingwater Project- Frank Lloyd wright



 The second assignment is a 1,500-word Observation Essay that discusses the work in terms of close observation. Describe the work in detail. Discuss its program, site, spatial qualities, construction and materials. How is it used? Who built it, and who were its intended users? How does it relate to its physical context? Organize your observations hierarchically, so that your essay begins with the project’s most important details. Devote one paragraph to each important aspect of the work.

From style of writing, Chicago Manual Style or MLA. 

I will add the first assignment that is tied to this project (falling water) so you can compare my style of writing. For this assignment, it's required to only print sources, not internet-based sources. Also, do not reach conclusions or make arguments. Your focus and goal should be to clearly see the project, its physical gestures, its relationship to its surroundings, its impact, its context, its accessibility- to describe these qualities. 

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  • Architecture And Design Class- Fallingwater Project- Frank Lloyd Wright
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