The first of our BS CM Program Learning Outcomes is:
Demonstrate the use of advanced verbal, written and graphical communication


This learning outcome is introduced in several of your courses including CM 153. In order to assess the course’s progress towards the introduction of this PLO, we do signature assignments which are then used in our overall program assessments. This is such an assignment.

  1. You are to use the resources that are available to you in the library, on the Internet, and in industry publications.
  2. You are to research a company that is significant in the construction management or design field.
  3. You are to write a 750 word essay in proper APA format. The essay should include significant information
    about the company, their areas of expertise, and your evaluation of why you would like to pursue a career
    with that company.
  4. You will need to cite any sources that you have used to develop your background on this company.

Your writing will be graded on:

  • content
  • organization
  • writing expression
  • writing grammar and mechanics
  • citations
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