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Lastace ( Critical  Issues in Healthcare)

1.  Technology in the health care field offers efficiency and more treatment options, but it effects the patient and doctor relationship. Technology is needed for evolution but there should be a balance to keep the doctor and patient relationship and ensure that patients receive care that is cost effective as well as a convience. There is telemedicine that offers direct and immediate access, lower cost, and a range of physicians to choose from. The downfall of this requires more training and equipment, and less ccontinuity of care.

I think that a doctor-patient relationship is necessary, but in today's world people are more concerned on how quick they can receive medicine and care.

(Vincent) Informatio n Systems Management 

2. I would like to say I have an old school heart at the age of 29 years old. I have used plenty of social media ads and done purchases through social media because it has helped on numerous of cases. I still feel going to the store is just better because if you don't like it or if it doesn't fit then you don't waste the time of buying it and returning it or waiting for it to be sent to you and then returned. Its really a hit or miss when it comes to a situation like this. I would agree to a strong extent that it is very successful because again it does help some situations for example if someone can't drive to a store to get such product, ordering it on line helps it getting it to you. It has its pros and cons for sure. 

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