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Week 6 - Pick one as your Post - follow APA Writhing Style...

Chapter 11 & 12

In the heart disease diagnosis case study (Application Case 11.4 pp. 486-87), what was a major benefit of the SIPMES expert system?  Does this type of system have a high coincidence factor? If so, why is that helpful?


Expound on these activities within knowledge engineering -   knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, and knowledge validation…


The key to effective knowledge management is extracting and encoding expert knowledge that can be accessed and reused by others. Offer an example/application of this, a related benefit, and are there any disadvantages of using KM? 
APA formate
3 references. provide citations
200 words minimum

Please use the link below to refer to the text book.

Link for text book:

If the link doesn't work then search for text book name, can get a free dowbload online:

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support,

Ramesh Sharda, Dursun Delen, and Efraim Turban,

10th edition, 978-0-13-305090-5. Copyright 2015. Pearson Education, Inc., New Jersey

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