Week 3 Module: Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design


This week we will be learning about the creationism/intelligent design movement.  I would like you to watch the movie Judgment Day, which depicts the case Kitzmiller v. Dover that took place in 2005 and will be available in the library or online. The other one, Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham video, is a debate between the famous scientist, Bill Nye, and the Answers in Genesis spokesperson, Ken Ham. The purpose of watching this video is to get an idea of what the politics are behind learning evolution and why it is important to know what science is. 

Creationism/Intelligent Design

Why do scientists use the theory of evolution to understand human origins? Why can't they use creation myths and origin stories, like creationism or intelligent design? Is the theory of evolution the same kind of explanation as an origin story or creation myth? Be sure to back up your point with credible/scientific examples and sources. 

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