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Select any room in your house/apartment/cave that has a garbage bin. Try to select a bin that has at least 20 or more different objects in it.

2) Go through the garbage bin itemizing all of the contents on a piece of paper. Try to be describe the objects in the bin rather than identify them. For example, if you have an empty can of coke in the bin, you could describe it as follows: empty tubular aluminum vessel with red and white markings with the letters "C O K E". If you find you cannot describe the item don't sweat it too much. You can include images of items that are more difficult to describe.

3) Select a Secret Identity. Your secret identity may be anything: an icon or emoticon, alternate name or picture. Keep this identity confidential. List your Secret Identity on the top of the garbage list-again DO NOT list your real name or any other personal identifiers.

MAKE SURE YOUR LIST IS NOT HANDWRITTEN-IT MUST BE PRINTED. Use you avatar as identification (i.e. don't put your name on the list).

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