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1. Which of the paleoenvironment hypotheses have been used to describe early hominin diversity, and which have been used to describe bipedalism?

2. Name some specific behaviors associated with Homo erectus in the areas of tool use, subsistence practices, migration patterns, and other cultural innovations.

3. What physical and cultural features are unique to archaic Homo sapiens? How are archaic Homo sapiens different in both physical and cultural characteristics from Homo erectus?

4. What are the skeletal and behavioral traits that define modern Homo sapiens? What are the evolutionary explanations for its presence?

5.  What evolutionary processes are responsible for producing genotypic/phenotypic diversity within and between human populations?

6. What is the relationship between the sickle cell mutation and the Plasmodium parasite? Would having the HbSA genotype still be advantageous in a region where such parasites are not common? Why or why not?

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