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Using current information available on the Internet, develop a PowerPoint (or equivalent) briefing for a group of C-level corporate executives at a company of your choice in regard to information security issues inherent in their e-commerce strategies and operations. Highlight points of potential vulnerability and some of the best practices being deployed to manage the risk of such security issues in the e-commerce context. Assume that these executives are rather lackadaisical about such security issues as they might have a devastating impact upon the company’s brand. Given this attitude, how would you convince the senior managers that this is a problem truly warranting sufficient investment and leadership?

 In general, we encourage all our students to develop their presentation skills both as an author as well as a presenter. If you do not have the tools to capture your presentation (which should be less than 10 minutes in length), you might consider various free screencast packages that are available (e.g. Screencast-O-Matic or one of the others from  Wikipedia or from an internet search).

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