answer the questions



-Answer two of the following questions.

-If you answer more than two questions I will only mark the first two.

-Each answer should be at least 2 pages long.

-Use at least two examples per answer to illustrate your argument.

-You can only use academic sources for answering the questions.

-You only need to cite your sources if you quote them.


1-Explain the role played by scholastic and familial networks in the Shia revival in Lebanon.

2-Explain how different interpretations of historical events, e.g. the conflict over the succession of Mohammed and Karabala, impact Sunni and Shia Islamists’ views on the political role of women.

3-What are the differences and similarities between the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab countries and those in the West?

4-Explain the similarities and/or differences between the United States’ position on Sunni political Islam and its position on Shia political Islam.

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