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  1. What country is historically most famous for producing legendary ballet dancers? (choose one)
  2. Russia
  3. Turkey
  4. Brazil
  5. What do Michael Peters, George Balanchine, Bob Fosse and Alvin Ailey have in common as choreographers? (choose one)
  6. they were born in the same era and were contemporaries
  7. they each produced their own style of work resulting in iconographic  style and images
  8. they were all choreographers in the ballet and modern mediums
  9. What was so revolutionary about Isadora Duncan?
  10. Which one of these is NOT an important element in choreography? (choose one)
  11. music
  12. space
  13. collaboration
  14. color
  15. time
  16. The language of ballet is French but it is also: (choose one)
  17. universal
  18. esoteric
  19. secret
  20. Which one of these women is NOT heralded as a female pioneer in modern dance.
  21. Isadora Duncan
  22. Ruth St. Denis
  23. Martha Graham
  24. Toni Basil
  25. Which of these are important characteristics in the training and maintenance of a professional dancer: 
  26. technique and practice
  27. performance quality
  28. personal style and artistry
  29. healthy living though fitness and diet
  30. physical therapy
  31. all of the above
  32. In reference to Stravinsky and Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring , name another work of art that was bold and brave and also a failure before it was a success :
  33. Balanchine's work in the world of ballet stands the test of time. Name 3 of his most famous works.
  34. What is Martha Graham's work Errand Into the Maze about?

Bonus: (5 points) What 2 choreographers that we have studied in this class, working in ballet, both choreographed works to Aaron Copeland’s Rodeo?

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