A Chicago-style bibliography of 5-6 secondary and 3-5 primary sources you plan to use in your paper with short (1-2 sentences) descriptions of each source. This is my abstract so you know my topic and Ideas for the paper: Merchants of Death Tobacco has an interesting history behind how its marketing over the years changed significantly. Tobacco marketing initially was advertised to allow everyday people to finally add a cheap routine to their day and initiate a smoking community. The first tobacco advertisement by Washington Duke in 1865 targeted soldiers of the civil war thus led to a response by James Bonsack inventing a cigarette making machine in 1881 that started the outbreak of smoking and the formation of several tobacco brands creating cigarettes competing in proving which is cheapest and holds more value for its price. Later because many people from both genders started smoking, health concerns were raised. These health concerns did not allow tobacco companies to stop marketing, in fact, many companies were marketing their tobacco using these concerns as their marketing strategy. This strategy is still used today with many of the popular tobacco brands. This paper looks at the history of marketing “death” and how brands over time used obstacles to help build and expand their fortune rather than let it destroy them. In order to prove this, the ad by Washington Duke will be analyzed by looking at how people responded and reacted, what were the concerns and through this I will move on to look at popular brands that came after the first advertisement, and compare their marketing strategies differences and similarities to tobacco marketing with our current generation. The questions this paper will answer is how has marketing tobacco changed throughout time, what is the stigma that is linked with smoking tobacco, what made it appealing to buy and what made it a success. 

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