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Build an Annotated Bibliography of 6-10 academic/peer-reviewed articles or books that look more deeply into how arts-based research serves community-based adult education.)

This project is to develop an annotated bibliography (using scholarly books, articles, conference proceedings, and documents) related to the chapter you are presenting in the Learning as a Way of Leading textbook.  You may want to use the references from the text to guide the articles/books/resources that your review for this assignment.  You will need to annotate 5 sources.

Use the BSU library ( (Links to an external site.)) databases to access your articles: ERIC (EPSCO-Host) is a preferred database.  You can find most documents for free in the library or through Interlibrary Loan.  Do not purchase documents for this assignment.

A minimum of 6-10 references are required for this assignment

Post your final product on the Discussion Board Forum for this assignment.

Use APA style formatting. Review Week #1 Resources on APA Style Citation. Another resource on APA Style: (Links to an external site.).

Timothy Crusius and Carolyn Channell in The Aims of Argument suggest that your summary should include the following elements:

  1. One or two sentences that describes the author's credentials, purpose, and audience,
  2. Brief “capsule” summary of its content, and
  3. Sentence at the end of the summary that explains “why this source seems valuable and how you might use it.”

These criteria will be used to grade your assignment. Here is a resource about how to prepare an annotated bibliography.

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