Treatment Planning and Intervention

Select one of the clients with whom you have been working, and consider the treatment plan that is in place for that client. If a formal written treatment plan is not required at your fieldwork site, consider the approach you have used to formulate the goals for therapy and the means by which you will help the client to reach those goals.

Discuss the following:

  • Provide a very brief description of the client (one short paragraph).
  • What are the main goals for this client's therapy?
  • What interventions have you been using with the client? (Provide specific examples.)
  • What led you to select these particular interventions? Are you working from a specific theoretical approach?
  • What interventions have been successful—and how do you know this?
  • What interventions have not been successful—and how to you know this?
  • What changes are you considering making to this client's treatment plan (such as reformulating some of the goals, trying other interventions, et cetera).
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