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Write 9 entries (each no less than 250 words) with personal reflections around things you learned that you found interesting or that were ‘new’ to you during the screening in class (or when you browse videos from Coursespaces on your own time). These can be your personal thoughts, stream of consciousness, or more analytical/academic thoughts, or a mixture, in relation to the animation (or sometimes documentary film) you watched with attention.

words:around 2500

1.Missing link

2.I lost my body

3. paprika ( )

4. the monkey king: Havoc in Heaven

5.Ruben Brandt

6. Pom poko

7. LITTLE NEMO: Adventures in Slumberland (1989) (

8. Dikie lebedi (The Wild Swans) (

9.China in Flames (1925) animated cartoon ( )

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