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The group will review one quantitative article and one qualitative article attached. As a group, review the two articles addressing the following questions and then post your response to all of these questions into one discussion thread.

1) What is the purpose of this article? What is your evidence for suggesting this is the purpose? If it is not overtly stated, then what do you think the author’s purpose was?

2) What are 2-3 key findings from prior literature which the author(s) bases this study on? (Hint: the lit review)

3) What are 2-3 key points or findings this article presents?

4) What is the significance of the study?

5) Describe the methodology used in the study. What characteristics about the article make it either qualitative or quantitative? Use evidence from the article to support your observations.

6) Do you think the author chose the appropriate methodology to answer his research question or to address the research problem?

7) What do the authors do well with this article? What problems do you see with the article (problem definition, data collection, literature, conclusions)? Why do you think these are problems or strengths?

As a group, please post your final response to these questions in the discussion area here no later than midnight Sunday evening.

Please respond to this posting in correct APA 7th Edition format.

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