An examination of the different cladding systems for high rise office buildings in the modern era.

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1- (Plan and diagrams for to begin the final report and it's completely from previous work attached).

A project plan for the solution of the problem;

·An account of the work carried out to date;

·An account of the difficulties encountered and how they were overcome;

·An account of the work yet to do.

the lecturer reference the Grenfell tower but it's not a specific report on the Grenfell tower.

 (Before you go anywhere near your final report you will need to have a plan/diagram outing your overall schedule. You will need to identify your primary research people who you are going to interview, justify why you are picking those people, give areas that you are going to question them on, deciding on what other primary research you are doing etc. Also identify in detail your secondary research, where you are getting your information from, why you picked that information, justifying the information, keeping a daily diary of what you are doing.)

this is the email received from my professor.

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