AIIB and China's diplomatic image


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AIIB’s diplomatic role:

- Undermining American Plans to Establish a Political and Commercial containment around China

- Bonding with traditional U.S allies, influence US dominance role, shake US ‘hegemony’

- Prestige - Projecting Chinese National Power in the Realm of Finance

- China's international political power bank.

What does AIIB has to do with China’s reformist role?

- striving for a breakthrough in changing the existing international financial order.

- promote traditional MDB’s to reform the development of finance and lending conditions.

Prestige -  a more assertive leadership in the financial realm. 

- sign of China’s rising economic and financial power

n Deng Xiaoping’s most famous remarks: “it is glorious to be rich.”

Synergy BRI

- Decrease the dependence of Chinese trade tie with the US market - diversification of trade partnerships. 

- Deeper pan-Eurasian interconnection - enable the convergence of geopolitics, economic, financial, and energy interests - strategic rebalancing US

- collaboration with the Russian – counterbalance the US

AIIB could bankroll profitable BRI projects that ultimately respond to Beijing’s geopolitical interests. 

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