Age & Disability




Instruction: Write a reflection paper and consider the following questions. LBS 4154 students  will write 2 pages.


  1. How has your own experience and observation of youth oppression and/or elder oppression been similar and/or different from the experiences and observations described in the “Voices” Section?
  2. Whose voices are included in this chapter? What additional voices might be included in this chapter?
  3. What kinds of experiences or observations could be added to this section?
  4. What are a few examples of intersections between youth and elder oppression and other forms of oppression?
  5. If you were to write a testimonial (personal story) of your own experience as a young person and/or as an elder with youth oppression and elder oppression, what would you include in that testimonial? Write at least one full paragraph.


The video clip highlights how commonly used negative labels continue to be incredibly damaging and oppressive to people with disabilities. Consider helping to  deconstruct and challenge these labels through ongoing learning and dialogue. 

Instructions: In 2 pages , write a reaction paper to the video. In your reaction paper, consider the following questions: 

  • What is your reaction to the video clip? What stood out for you?
  • What stereotypes, prejudices and biases do individuals have towards people with disabilities?
  • In what ways are people with disabilities discriminated against in employment? Education? Housing?
  • Were you aware of the statics shared (e.g. High School graduation rates for students with disabilities is 57%, 72% of people with disabilities are unemployed, those that are employed earn an income that is half the national average)? Do the statistics surprise you?
  • What ableist viewpoints and practices at various levels (individual, institutional, and cultural) contribute to such problematic statistics?
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