African Literature - "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe


Link to "Things Fall Apart" story:

On separate pages write 2 discussions for these 2 questions -

1. What are some of Okonkwo’s characteristics? Think of how you’d describe him to someone who has not met him. Is he someone you’d like or dislike? Why? Based on what you’ve read so far, is Okonkwo representative of the community or too exceptional to represent the everyday man or woman in Umuofia? Explain your response.

2. How does Ikemefuna come to stay in Umuofia? What eventually happens to him? How do Okonkwo’s actions in this occurrence reflect any of the characteristics of “tragic hero” you read about in the PowerPoint?

Powerpoint attached. 

Due Saturday November 16, 2019 @7pm

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