AFP Part 2: Doing the Research (everything you need is attached as files)


Prepare a short (5-7 pages) research paper on the issue you chose in the Lot in Life. This is not a continuation of the letter/diary entry you wrote for part 1; rather, it is an objective reporting of literature relevant to your chosen scenario, written in the 3rd person only. This paper should be double spaced,  5- 7 pages in length, and include at least six outside references, primarily from scholarly journals and research-based web resources, cited throughout in APA format style. References to your course readings may be included and cited when they are appropriate.  Title page and reference pages are not included in the page count. You are encouraged to utilize the resources of the Effective Writing Center or the UMUC library tutorial on writing a research paper for this assignment, especially if you have never written a research paper. Information about this process appears under Additional Information.

Your paper should have a cover sheet that lists your name, UMUC, the BEHS section number, the scenario you have chosen (not the number), and specify whether or not the Lot in Life is true or not true for you (True means that this is a scenario that you are currently experiencing or are likely to experience in the future; NOT True means that it is a hypothetical situation for you.) 

Paste your Part 1 assignment in at the end of this research paper.

Assignment Format and Referencing Style

Use UMUC's Guide to Writing and Research for the format, especially for how to cite your references. You may also wish to consult guidelines for APAstyle. (Do not use footnotes at the bottom of the page; rather, following APA, list your references at the end of the paper.)

Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional use of another person's words or ideas without giving credit to the author. Make sure you read chapter 5, Academic Integrity and Documentation, in the Guide to Writing and Research. The UMUC Undergraduate Catalog also contains a lengthy discussion on Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty. Plagiarism will result in an F and zero points for that particular assignment and a report to the Dean. Depending on the severity of the plagiarism, plagiarism could result in an F for the course.

Web Resources

As you use the Web for information, you should be aware of the fact that the Web has both good and bad information, as well as information that is biased. There are many online resources devoted to finding and evaluating information on the Web.   A very detailed discussion of how to evaluate information can be found at Johns Hopkins University. Do not use Wikipedia as a source for your information. Do not use blogs which are not research-based.

Finally, sources that tend to have good information include the following: college or university department sites (be careful of student pages; some are very good, but some are not so good), professional organizations, governmental agencies, professional journals, and regularly published newspapers and magazines.

Use the following Check List when submitting the research paper. RESEARCH PAPERS MISSING THE CHECK LIST WILL LOSE 1 point.

Professor notes on this assignment *Very Important* will be provided in chat with me. 

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