Advertising, Ethics, Values, and Diversity



In an increasingly global marketplace, advertising often reaches a company’s target markets in other countries that may have different cultures than that of the advertisers. Within these countries, there may be diverse subcultures of people with different sets of values. For example, see the image below. The following advertising created a lot of controversy among conservative Christians for depicting a pregnant nun. In this discussion, you will consider the importance of having sensitivity to these kinds of cultural differences in advertising.

For your initial post, recall from memory or search the internet for an advertisement or commercial for a brand or product that came across as offensive due to lack of sensitivity to the value system of a group of people. Then be sure to address the following in your post:

  • Attach or link to the ad or commercial
  • Describe the intended objective or message of the advertisement
  • Explain why the ad or commercial was controversial 
  • Describe the cultural difference or social value to which the ad or commercial was insensitive
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