Advanced Portfolio Diversification


Calculate the Person correlation between time series of variables in the list below during two periods (Jan 2018 – Dec 2019 and then Jan 2020 – May 2020) and provide an analysis of the relationships you observe. Use weekly data, if available. If not, use monthly data. Provide your sources and leave formulas in you Excel sheet so that you data can be accessed and checked easily. 

·  -  Inflation rates 

·  -  Unemployment rates 

·  -  GDP growth rate 

·  -  Yield of some debt instruments (select an index for corporate bonds and at least one government bond) 

·  -  Returns of at least 1 index representative of each of the following assets: stocks, mutual

funds, hedge funds, derivatives 

·  -  yield of at least one risk-free instrument (selection must be consistent with the other variables 

regarding the country) 

·  -  returns of an index for real estate equity instruments 

·  -  returns of at least one cryptocurrency 

Here are some elements that should be part of your work: 

- for each variable listed above, feel free to narrow the selection to more specific variables (industrial stocks only, for instance, instead of all stocks), provide a definition and explain which proxy to choose to account for this variable. 

- United Kingdom (decide on which market you want to work and indicate it in your work)- you must  ensure consistency across your variables. 

- explain which kind of data is available, from which source, at which frequency, and to which extent your sources are reliable. 

- provide in a separate sheet (in your Excel file) your analysis of the results. 

1 excel file only, xlsx
In this file, 

use: the first tab for your complete dataset. 

the second tab for the correlation matrix then use intermediate tabs if you need any use the last tab for the analysis. 

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